Abacus – What is Abacus

Abacus is a simple tool which was used in ancient times for calculating numbers through basic arithmetic system.

Function of abacus.

It involves operations such as additions, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimal no, Negative no’s and apart from these calculations, advance abacus techniques involve square roots, working with percentage, linear equations, long division, and elimination etc.

Mental Calculation

Doing Mental maths or mental calculation is a process where one performs the calculation without the help of any paper, calculator or any other external medium. They perform the calculations depending on their mental ability. Mental maths involves calculating by listening, data storage and processing, logical implementation of desired functions to solve and to reproduce the answers confidently & correctly. All these are done in few seconds with accuracy.
The minimal involvement of time and the precise accuracy in doing mental maths adds to the maths learning ability of an individual.