Abacus – About Course

Course duration

Master Mind Abacus course comprises of 10 levels i.e. 8 basic levels and 2 advance levels. Each level of abacus course is of 3 months and the total tenure of the program is of 2 ½ years. The classes are held once a week for 2 hours i.e either on Saturday or Sunday or as suited to the students and the center.

Who can Join?

This course of abacus training for kids is best effective for the age group 4-14 years. In this age 75% of the brain development takes place, and introducing abacus training for kids at this age will enhance child’s brain functions. Abacus can be learned at any age, but the best age for abacus training for kid is naturally between 4 to 14 years.

Game based

Master Mind Abacus has designed the program in play way method, the child learns the techniques of abacus through games and activities. Each class is conducted in such a way that the child enjoys the abacus training. The course instructor has to ensure that each student takes part in the activities conducted in abacus classes. The speed building software ensures the child’s basic benefits of abacus even while playing games. It is so designed that the child enjoys playing, but at the same time is also practicing for speed & accuracy, & thus also acquires the added quality of concentration, time management, visualization etc. The children are more involved as they feel that they are playing, but in actual they are involved in the highest order of whole brain development training.


Skills that get augmented

Enhances Visualization

Increases Concentration

Develops Logical Understanding

Builds a Photographic Memory

Ability to Recall